Congress . Convention . Product Launch . Seminar

Spice Up helps you penetrate the universe of a brand or a product through event formats sull of experiences in France or abroad.

Inspired by real storytelling, we stage the brand or the product, and let the audience live exclusive moments: we create emotions in its users and the final goal is designed to impress.


Internal . Clients

Exceptional events are often organized to celebrate exceptional fulfilments.

Whether it's for an award ceremony, a product launch, a company anniversary, or an informal, unusual, trendy or original event, Spice Up and its creative team work with you and provide precious advice on how to mix all the ingredients of a memorable evening: from the party theme to the setting choice and the selection of artistic performances and, last but not least, the choice of a caterer.


Hybrid . Virtual

Spice Up it's the ability to adapt to evolving industry and to public behavior changes.

Today, we organize both in-presence and virtual events, which give the participant the possibility to physically attend from another place.
Therefore, we can remove borders, expand time and space, multiply contents...and overcome health constraints !


Influencers . Press

At Spice Up, we like to create the buzz!

That is why we imagine events that give the opportunity to live unique experiences, with access to specific information, the possibility of meeting personalities and experts or testing new products in preview...

Our main goal is to create content production for a brand

At Spice Up, we are also used to organize public events, on Seine riverbank, for instance, or press test drive in Dubai desert dunes!