Paris. 800 guests.

The business law firm Latham & Watkins asked Spice Up, for the 10th consecutive year, to organise its Garden Party for more than 850 guests in the gardens of its head office.

Each year, Spice Up suggests an artistic theme to enliven the evening, which is for customers, prospects and internal staff. After Anamorphosis, or how to look at the world differently last year, this year's theme was inspired by the bicentenary of the death of Pablo Picasso, famous painter who also happened to be a poet in his spare time. This discovery inspired the agency the following theme : "Violon d'Ingres", or the hidden talents of our most illustrious figures.

Spice Up conceived an original scenography around the cube in the cabinet's lounges: each character was represented under these different aspects, in order to create surprise and amusement among the guests. These cubes were also adapted for employees, who were able to reveal their Violon d'Ingres to clients, a way of honouring them while presenting them in a different way.

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