Project Description


This year, the Vichy brand makes a real return to its roots. The participants met in Vichy, the land of volcanoes and cradle of the brand.

The participants went to Vulcania for the first plenary, in the heart of the mountains and volcanoes. Then, they went to the city of Vichy, where the 90 participants were able to discover the Palais des Sources located in the heart of the city. A jewel of Art Nouveau and a flagship of engineering of the beginning of the 20th century, this unique building was opened especially for the Vichy teams. Participants were also able to visit the brand’s factory, which provided an opportunity for enriching exchanges between colleagues of the production and the sales force.

The relaxation and conviviality was of course on the program with a «Sosie» evening at the Château de Maulmont, hosted by Claude François and his claudettes!

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