Project Description


For the third consecutive year, Spice Up has been supporting La Roche-Posay and Sanoflore’s sales teams for the organization of their National Convention, held this year in Deauville.

Deauville, this emblematic city on the Normandy coast, well known for its racecourses, casinos, marinas, golf courses and, of course, the American Film Festival, delighted the 200 participants.

Inspired by the atmosphere of Deauville, the organizing teams of La Roche Posay and Sanoflore have created plenary meetings around the themes of Gastby the Magnificent and the movie La La Land. The guests even took part in an interactive Rosalies tour, entitled «But Who’s Gatsby?»! On the program, making old-fashioned butter, initiation in Charleston, team photo on the boards of Deauville, creation of a painting Savignac, game Bonneteau …

The evenings were of course magical, with a first evening in the sunset on the terrace of the Casino Barrière of Deauville, and a gala dinner on the theme of the 20s, followed by a dancing Casino party!

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