Project Description


One year after our first collaboration with Lumenpulse, we repeated the experience for their first anniversary in the French capital.
For the event, Spice Up turned Lumenpulse’s French office in a Parisian bistro!

Organisation de soirée corporate par agence événementielle Paris Côte d'Azur

It was such an illusion that some passers-by thought they glimpsed a secret bar, while guests were unaware that the place was a few hours earlier, a workplace with serious meetings. To create the proper atmosphere, the agency created a multitude of graphic media ranging from an animated video with the mascot of the event, coasters or graphic prints.

Guests enjoyed a photocall animation with various accessories (beards, giant mug of beer, mustaches), a cartoonist was available to them and they participated to a contest to win a trip to Florence. Overall, 110 people showed up at La Drinkerie, only for one evening.

An overview of the event is available on the @spiceupagency account on Instagram, or via the hashtag #unquébécoisàparis..

Lumenpulse, a Quebecker in Paris
Promotional video created by Spice Up and broadcasted during the event.

Affiche "La gastronomie"

Lumenpulse, Contrasts between France and Quebec
One of the 11 posters created by Spice Up for staging spaces.

Journal humoristique créé pour Lumenpulse

Lumenpulse, Le Parisien Speciale Edition
Humorous newspaper created by Spice Up in collaboration with Lumenpulse to increase the storytelling

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