Project Description

Cultural Travels

For three VIP groups, Spice Up agency organized two exceptional cultural travels in Middle East.

Between unique meetings and enlightening discoveries, the 60 attendees of the first travel had the opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi, Al Aïn and Dubaï. After a guided tour 100% exclusive of the Louvre Abu Dhabi followed by an architectural tour of the city, our clients discovered Al Aïn and its archeological park offering spectacular constructions that date back over 4 000 years. To end this first cultural travel, the attendees went to Dubaï to visit its art galleries and its old city.

Spice Up thus organized a second travel in order to open the doors of the One Thousand and One Nights country to 15 other attendees through the discovery of Abu Dhabi, Koweït City and Oman. With VIP access, our clients had the pleasure to go to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and then discovered a city with a rich history and culture particularly with a guided tour of Sheikh Zayed mosque. In Koweït City, the attendees discovered the collections of the Princess Sheikha Hussah at the very famous Amricani Cultural Center. Finally; oasis, citadels and souks perfectly ended this cultural travel in Sultanate of Oman.

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